ECVET-TOUR II – ECVET for the restaurant and hotel industry

The mobility of skilled workers is becoming more and more important in a large number of sectors, in particular in the restaurant and hotel industry. Mobility can be hampered by the fact that education and training qualifications are often difficult to compare across different countries. This was the starting point of the ECVET-TOUR II project. The first half of the project focuses on the development of methodological tools for promoting mobility in vocational education and training. In the second half of the project, student mobilities were organised which applied the developed methodology. Student mobilities were scheduled to take place between Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Austria. ECVET-TOUR II built on the results of the the M.O.T.O. project ( and the ECVET-TOUR project (2008-2010). The VQTS Competence Matrices “Cook” and “Receptionist” were used and modified according to the Slovak context.

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