NoBoMa – No Borders Manual in elderly care to promote mobility, international lifelong learning and the transfer of competences in Eastern, Central and Southeastern Europe

The development of competence standards in the vocational education and training in elderly care is a prerequisite for more quality in vocational education as well as for more European mobility. In the NoBoMa project the VQTS model was used for developing a Competence Matrix, Competence Profiles (in accordance with the “ECVET – European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training” recommendation) and a Future Competence Matrix by using new ideas, new methods and by adding future skill needs, in order to meet future challenges in the field “elderly care”. Furthermore, on the basis of the NoBoMa Future Competence Matrix of Success, a Self-Assessment Tool was developed to be used by elderly caregivers, learners and HR-departments in order to evaluate the quality of individual skills and competences. Furthermore, the project aimed at developing a multilingual database providing useful information about how to compensate deficits identified by the Self-Assessment Tool.

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