EQUAL-CLASS: Engineers qualified in higher non-university VET institutions – providing arguments and evidence for NQF/EQF classification

EQUAL-CLASS aimed to study qualifications in the field of mechatronics, electrical engineering/electronics that can be obtained in higher non-university VET institutions or comparable institutions in Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Lithuania, and Portugal. The qualifications were examined from three different perspectives: curricula, students and graduates. Additionally, the project investigated to what extent professional experience gained following the completion of a relevant qualification, and the recognition of non-formal/informal learning, enables individuals to achieve another – higher – qualification level in relation to the EQF/NQF (European Qualifications Framework/National Qualifications Framework). The Competence Marix ‘Mechatronics’ (VQTS project) and the Competence Matrix ‘Electronics/Electrical Engineering’ (VQTS II project) were used for comparing qualifications.


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