Pilotproject for the Development of a Vocational Qualification Transfer System

With regard to the promotion of a "European Workspace", it is generally agreed among European policy makers to enhance European cooperation in vocational education and training (VET): the "Bruges-Copenhagen" process. Therefore transparency of certificates, diplomas and qualifications, transferability of competencies as well as accreditation and recognition are necessary. These aims should be achieved through the promotion of measures - similar to those of the "Sorbonne-Bologna-Prague process" (e.g. ECTS) - in the area of VET.
The specific aim of this pilot project is to create a systematic procedure to ensure international transfer of vocational qualifications (in terms of competencies and skills) at secondary level in order to increase mobility in VET. Students / Apprentices should be able to use their qualifications - acquired in educational institutions or / and in companies - as a "common currency" throughout Europe.
The vocational field of "Mechanical Engineering" was selected as a model for developing and testing this procedure.

The main result of the VQTS project is a systematic procedure of international transfer of acquired qualifications.

This procedure
  • will benefit students / apprentices in VET who want to gain training experiences abroad, and
  • will be used by educational institutes (providers of the training programme) as well as by companies for the recognition of training and learning periods spent in foreign countries.
On completion of the project, a manual will be produced which contains:
  • the documentation of the developed procedure of international transfer of acquired qualifications,
  • samples for documents and informative literature for potential users,
  • instructions for the realisation of the procedure,
  • guidelines and instructions for the implementation of the procedure and
  • consideration of the transferability of the model into other economic sectors or fields of VET.
3s research laboratory
Jörg Markowitsch
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Karin Messerer
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LdV project Nr. A/03/B/F/PP-158.034

This project has been funded with the support of the European Community and the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Science and Culture (bm:bwk) as well as the Austrian Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour (bm:wa)
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