VQTS II - Vocational Qualification Transfer System II


Transfer of Innovation

The "Transfer of Innovation” project VQTS II is based on the results of the Leonardo da Vinci project "VQTS – Vocational Qualification Transfer System” (see Archiv 2003-2006). The VQTS project has received the Helsinki Award 2006 and the Lifelong Learning Award 2007 in Gold for its contributions to the aims of the Copenhagen process. The main result of the VQTS project, the VQTS model, is used as the basis for "Transfer of Innovation”.


In the VQTS II project, the VQTS model will be transferred to another sector (Electronics/ Electrical Engineering), to other countries and languages. The VQTS II project focuses on transferring and further elaborating methods and procedures for the development of a competence matrix by using the ideas and principles described in the VQTS project.

The VQTS model will also be used to identify the overlapping areas of the competence profiles of vocational and educational training (VET) and higher education (HE) programmes. By using the VQTS model, the project seeks to adjust and tune VET and practice-oriented HE programmes to make them more compatible with each other. Recommendations will be developed on how to enhance permeability and progression between VET and practice-oriented HE.

Main results

The main results will be guidelines/checklists/manuals for:
  • developing a competence matrix,
  • developing a partnership agreement for the transnational mobility of students in VET (Memorandum of Understanding),
  • adjusting and tuning VET and HE programmes to facilitate and promote progression from VET to HE.

These guidelines/checklists/manuals can be used by VET providers in different vocational fields and/or by competent bodies (e.g. responsible for qualifications and curricula, for ECVET, relating qualifications to EQF or NQF). Training and valorisation workshops will also be organised to disseminate the results and approaches developed.


The VQTS II project is funded with the support of the European Community and the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, the Arts and Culture (bm:ukk). The content of this website does not necessarily reflect the position of the European Community or the bm:ukk, nor does it involve any responsibility on their part.
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